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I would love _______ dinner with you.

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You received this email from the coordinator of the club.

Dear Member,

Due to summer holidays, we will be closing the gym an hour earlier every day. We have made this decision based on declining numbers of members in the afternoon. We will return to normal hours in September. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope you understand. Please let us know if you have any concerns.


Write a short email to your friend (about 50 words). Tell your friend your feelings about this and what you plan to do.

50 words left

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My older sister always gives me _______ advice when I need help.

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Gilberto tells his friend about an art exhibition. How much does it cost for non-members?

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Read the four opinions posted on a travel forum. Then, answer the questions.

How do you spend your free time?

Person A

What is better than lying in the sun all day long? I surely can't think of anything. When I go on vacation, I like to experience tropical beaches and exotic places. I work hard all year long and I try to make the most of my time off. However, I must admit that I tend to indulge more than I normally would than I'm at home. Like for example, on my last holiday to Dubai, I rented a yacht and had a lobster dinner nearly every night. It was so luxurious!

Person B

Ever since I can remember, we have gone on a family holiday to Greece every June. There are just so many islands to discover, I can't really imagine going anywhere else. Each village has its own unique culture, and I have been studying Greek to know more about the islanders. It does make things easier when you have your own boat, which my family does. My dad sailed it over from England when he was a teenager.

Person C

Have you ever gone hiking on a snowy volcano? I haven't yet, but it is on my bucket list. I have been dreaming of going to Iceland ever since I saw photos in a travel blog. Unfortunately, it's a bit out of my travel budget. Last summer, when I went trekking in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, I took some incredible photos of the breathtaking views. I packed a tent and camped out in the wilderness. It was a great way to save money and I got to see the beautiful stars too.

Person D

I am a history major so naturally I love to go to museums when I travel. However, my thirst for culture doesn't stop there. I try to go to the sites of famous events and try to imagine what life was like in the past. I don't care much for the hot weather. In fact, I travel at off-season times to avoid it. I hate crowds so it works out well for me. I usually get a cheaper rate on flights that way, which is a bonus. I use the money I save to book all of my excursions.

Spends a lot of money on holiday?



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Last night, I _______ to bed at 10:00 pm.

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The stranger _______ me that he liked my jacket.

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Listen to the message. What time does the post office close tomorrow?

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Would you like _______ cereal for breakfast?

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We spend a lot of time together, _______ We have only known each other for a year.

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I _______ drunk three cups of coffee this morning

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I was out of town! I _______ have committed the crime!

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I have a boat _______ is blue.

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If I _______ to the beach, I will bring snacks

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My parents always _______ me vacuum the house.

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Luis _______ to the store yesterday.

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If I _______ taller, I would be better at basketball.

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Look at the dark clouds! It _________ rain tomorrow.

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I am so thirsty! I don't have _______ water in my bottle.

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I usually drive to work, but today I _______ the bus.

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When I was a teenager, I _______ have pink hair.

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Person A: I ate too many sweets.
Person B: You _______ have done that! Now, you'll have a stomach ache.

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A child is talking to his mother. What does the child want for dinner?

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My city is _______ than Cuenca.

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Lisa asks Heather to pick something up at the shop. What does she ask for?

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Now you've become a new member of the technology club. Fill in the form. Write in sentences.Use 20-30 words.

Please tell us about what you use technology for most often and why:

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Rosa’s car is in the garage. She _______ be home.

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He _______ the message before he found out the truth.

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My best friend, _______ is from Otavalo, is coming to visit me next week.

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We'll go to the beach _______ it rains tomorrow.

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